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Throwback Thursday: mysteries in H2Ö 2016

InsideOut Escage together with Ilmaiset Ystävät games created a pop game at H2Ö festival 2016 combining immersive theatre and escape games.

Ilmaiset Ystävät consists of four creative ladies: Anna Pesonen, Hannah Hietala, Martta Jylhä and Krista Virtanen. They got inspired by the magical surroundings of H2Ö festival and drawing from Finnish mythology they created a unique concept. Each one of them played a role in the immersive game and theatre experience.

The sacred grove was discovered in the harbour area. Did someone step on Tapio's – the king of the forest – toes? The Portal was torn down, Näkki was on the loose and Ilmatar 16 & Pregnant. The Spirits of the forest celebrated the collision of the cultures, and the big question was, will things get out of hand?

What happened in the ancient forest? Many ran away before the game was even on. Ancient spirits nested in the urban festival.

We believe that strangers are friends who just haven’t met yet. The game was played in teams formed by people not knowing each other before. It was beautiful to see how well it worked. You just need some teamwork, creativity, problem solving. And well, the spirits should be on your side.

Many of the groups did solve the mystery and found the secrets of the forest, but some of them we haven't seen since...

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