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We created something extra special for MOW Stargate opening Party: MOWtopia in September. The brand new MOW Stargate and the party of the future - an evening full of escape rooms in three floors, glitter paint, local microbrewery beers, trash cocktails, insect snacks, music, lights mystery and surprise!

We filled MOWtopia with "Astria Porta"

An unforeseen combination of immersive theatre, escape games, art and technology. Stargate allows the main characters (that’s you!) to visit parallel dimensions and travel intergalactic distances where the secret of future is stored. Tomorrow might be too late. It is MOW or never. Travel through stars and figure out the final driving force, the secret of community, before the world as we know it, ends. None of the answers is wrong but one of them might be right.

Check out the video. What an amazing evening!

Got interested? We want to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and experience the flow!

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