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Magix Box premiered at Trafó Theatre, Budapest!

Päivitetty: 21. huhti 2018

​If there is anything InsideOut loves more than games, it is theatre. Which is not surprising, as one of our founders and our main mastermind, Agnes Kaszas, is a professional actress, for whom theatre is so much more than a profession.

InsideOut Escape Games was started with an idea of bringing the concept of room escape into a whole different dimension, combining gaming with performance, creating an immersive theatre experience. That is why we never stop experimenting!

One of such experimentations took place in Budapest, where we were invited by the amazing Let it Be! art agency. Ágnes Kaszas created the concept and directed the show together with Lidia Bäck. The show was realized in collaboration with the aforementioned Let it Be! art agency (our creative collaborators), LaLuz Visuals and Látvanyház - Visionhouse at Trafó Theatre. The magnificent actors in the performance were Ágnes Kaszás, Lidia Bäck and Orsolya Kálóczi. The set and the final performance was designed together with our wonderful Inna Huttunen and Anna Pesonen.

A guided adventure tour took visitors on a journey into the Magic Box - a universe of optical illusions, technological rebuses, art and, of course, theatre. The participants had a chance to immerse themselves in the performance and become characters in the story - all the lines became blurred, as those locked inside the Magic Box were trying to find their way out.

As part of the smART! XTRA series of interactive presentations organized by Let it be Art!, audiences have been invited to find out more about interdisciplinary forms of collaboration between different areas of the arts and creative industries, through a number of ongoing projects. Magic Box was performed as a celebration 20th edition of the series.

Check out our amazing collaborators:

Lidia Bäck

Instagram: @ladylaverna

Let it be! Art Agency

La Luz

Latvanyhaz - Visionhouse

All pictures by Bogdán Réka

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